It’s just a beginning

9 Jul 2010

My training job continues to final presentation in the front of owner & HRD. I was surprised where I am now. I got news about my presentation will be held on 13th Jul 2010 in HO Jakarta.  This final presentation is going to determine my status on this company. Until that day, I must prepare for last presentation. I managed task on my shift and continued with my project.

In this journal, I would like to say thanks to God, My family, Mr. N (He such a great man I ever met in this bisnis), Adithya (He gives a great idea and calculation), Robibah (She is my teacher), Priwa (He is a Batman,,,ahahhaaha), friends in my office (Thanks for supporting and make me laugh in the middle of my hectic day), and many more. All of them were nice people. I gratefull for their present in my working days. And I’ll give my best to all of them that I mentioned before.

13 Jul 2010

Yup, this is the D day. I’m going to present my project on 8 o’clock. I dunno what will happen. I dunno what they will ask. I dunno what they will say about my project. I just know I will try to make it clear, fast and simple.

Do you know what happen next after I finished my presentation? All of the invitation looks interest with my presentation, especially owner. He liked it, He asked some questions and He gives his opinion to my presentation. I was noticed that he wants me to execute the project. Wow, I ever think about his response can be this way. Thanks God!

But wait,,,it means I will be a permanent staff in the factory where I work on18th July 2010. Huff! Why do you react like this? For several people, maybe they know what it means. I don’t want to tell you, because it made me think about it.

I hope I can be a good learner, better person and agent of change in this world. God, I’m gratefull I can survive until this day, but I need You by my side, second until hour, day until week, month until year. I’m faith in You, I will tough through it. And now, lets we begin Our day!


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